Mike Oxtongue River Ragged Falls Provincial Park

As an artist, I aspire to record those moments of quiet solitude and inner contemplation brought on by a quiet drive on a country road or walk through the forest in early morning. This same meditative state or feeling of inner peace is also something I experience when making art. The combination of these emotions inspires me to create and express how I see the world through my artwork.

Although the subject matter I focus primarily on is the landscape, my intention when painting is not to simply create a representation of a location, but to capture the feeling that it evoked. To capture that feeling of contentment and express it through art so that the viewer feels the moment as I have. It is this feeling of being at one with the natural world that I wish to record and express through my work and is why I find myself returning the natural surrounds of the landscape for inspiration.

Watercolour allows me to connect with nature on an elemental level and paint the feeling of the environment in a way that can elicit a response in the viewer of experiencing the landscape themselves. Watercolour flows and has an unpredictable nature that produces a spontaneous and lively quality to my work. It is a medium as untameable as mother nature which serves as a reminder that I am a part of nature, not apart from it. It is this harmony of man and nature that best describes my work.